Wythall Walks - Harmony Woods

Wythall is a very green area, with lots of public footpaths and fields to walk through.

But with so many different places to walk (and with the added potential of getting lost!) sometimes it can be confusing to know where to start.

So we decided on Wythall News to go through all the public footpaths and woodland in the area to create a catalogue of safe walking areas.

This morning myself and Rachel decided to kick thing off by going to Harmony Wood.

 Harmony Wood is located on Houndsfield Lane opposite Houndsfield Court. It's a long footpath that leads you out onto Three Oaks road just off Lea Green Lane.

The wood itself is quite muddy so if you're thinking of going down there I'd recommend wearing wellies or walking boots.

Theres a simple swing gate at the entrance of the wood and a sign to ensure you're in the right place.

The walk through the wood is very pleasant, there's fields surrounding the wood with horses in them and lots of little streams running adjacent to the pathway.

We walked right through to the end of the woods at a slow pace and it took us about twenty minutes, we then decided to turn around and walk back home via the woods. Overall the entire walk took about 50 mins at a slow pace. 

There are two dog poo bins either end of the woods and the foot path is safe and secure to let your dogs off lead if you'd like. 

Overall we had a very enjoyable morning walk out in the fresh air and recommend this Woodland. 

This series will be ongoing so let us know in the comments where you'd like us to check out next!