Wythall Walks - A walking route for those who haven't got their winter boots out yet

 As promised we're back with another edition of our Wythall Walks series.

This is where myself and Rachel explore the different walking paths in Wythall so our readers can have a comprehensive list of all the different walking routes you can take in our village.

Although it's October and the weather is getting colder some people might be reluctant to bring their winter gear out of the wardrobe. 

So we devised a circular walk through nature that keeps your feet dry without needing wellies, it is just over 4 miles (6km) in distance. 

If you'd like to see a plotted map version of this route click here.

We started on Middle Lane by Wythall Cemetery, walking towards the roundabout by Wythall Green. 

We then took a right down Wilmore Lane until you reach the junction between Wilmore Lane and Brick Kiln Lane. 


street sign

country lane

Turn left to continue on Wilmore Lane until you reach Silver Street. We then crossed the road and continued on into Wythall Park. 

We followed the footpath in between the playground and the mound, past the cricket house and all the way around until you reach the back entrance of the park that leads you out to Alcester Road.

gate to woods

gate to woods

Turn right to go through the gate, but don't go as far as Alcester Road, go through the gate at your immediate left.

Continue down through the field until you reach the bridge, go across the bridge and follow the footpath straight until you reach Packhorse Lane. 

bridge to field

Turn right onto Packhorse Lane towards the Packhorse pub, cross the road and continue straight down May Lane. 

Walk up the hill until you get to the junction of May Lane and Shawhurst Lane, turn left onto Shawhurst Lane and keep walking until you reach the Jet Garage. 

Once the garage is in sight, turn right onto Hollywood Lane, walking in the direction of the spider park. 

Continue straight as the road changes to Lea Green Lane.


Keep walking until you reach Select and Save on Lea Green Lane, then turn right onto Station Road. 

Continue on Station Road until you reach the roundabout by Becketts Farm. Cross the bypass extremely carefully and you're back on Middle Lane!