Wythall Walks - Circular Countryside Walk no.3

As promised we're back with another edition of our Wythall Walks series.

This is where myself and Rachel explore the different walking paths in Wythall so our readers can have a comprehensive list of all the different walking routes you can take in our village.

This morning we decided to walk the Circular Countryside Walk no.3. This the third is a series of downloadable PDF booklets that are produced by the Countryside Carers. They can be downloaded off the Wythall Parish Council Website or you can get copies from the Parish Council Office. 

We decided to download the walking guide for walk number three (if you'd like to download the booklet, click herewhich takes you on a 4 mile walk through Wythall.

We started off in the car park of the park and started walking along the park path, we then turned left to leave the park via Batemans lane. Once on Batemans lane we turned left and walked until we met Silver Street. We then went right heading towards Middle Lane. 

We continued walking along Silver Street until we reached the end by Middle Lane and realised we'd gone too far. The path we were looking for was on the left hand side of Silver Street and the public footpath sign wasn't visible from the direction we were walking in. 

We turned around, crossed the road and saw this sign. 

You want to follow the direction of the black arrow and you'll see a gate similar to the ones in the park. This field has sheep in, however the sheep stayed on one side of the field and didn't come near us. It's also worth mentioning that while the field wasn't muddy it was full of sheep poo so if you're coming this way wear boots. 

The path follows the hedge line along the bypass whilst in this field, and if you stay straight on you'll see the next gate. 

Once you're through this gate you go straight on until you see another set of gates, go through these and walk diagonally through the field until you see a stile. The field is very overgrown so be wary for stingers and insects, we made the mistake of wearing shorts and our legs were wet.

As we went through the field we saw that most of it was cornered off with electric fences. To get to the other gate we had to climb under the electric wire (DO NOT DO THIS!) to access it. 

It was then we saw that the foliage behind the next gate was overgrown with stingers and different brambles. There was no way through the footpath. The only option was to turn back. 

The easiest way to complete this walk is to head straight to Station Road. To get there go straight down the Alcester Road towards Becketts island and then turn left. 

We didn't have time to complete this walk today so our next Wythall Walks will be continuing on this route to see if it holds any more surprises!

Let us know if you've walked there and what you thought. Also if you have any requests for places for us to investigate let us know in the comments below!