Crime in Wythall: What can we do?

Crime in Wythall is definitely on the up, in particular - car theft. 

The seriousness of the crime has changed as of late. instead of just stealing cars, thieves are taking it one step further. 

Using weapons to scare residents in their own homes to pressure them into handing over they keys to their vehicles. 

After the vicious attempted robbery last Monday night on Sycamore Drive, residents of Wythall have understandably been worried. 

But it's not just Wythall. 

Areas like Kingsheath and Staffordshire have also experienced this type of crime. It seems its spreading all the way around the country. 

So what do we do to make ourselves feel safer? Implement a neighbourhood watch scheme? Park our cars in secure garages? Install driveway bollards? 

Contact us to let us know your ideas so we can ensure all residents feel safe in their own homes.