Speed Cameras on Alcester Road: Good or Bad?

Mobile speed cameras have been coming and going on Alcester road by Davies Timber for a while now. These types of speed cameras are run by the local police force and are placed on accident blackspots where 'there has been a history of road traffic incidents over a three year or more period' according to the RAC.

It makes sense for the police to put a mobile speed camera there, cars are just coming off the bypass where you can travel at the national speed limit and drivers should have already ensured they've returned to 30mph once they reach Alcester Road.

Local residents have been actively complaining at the speed motorists are travelling along Alcester Road, and in April last year The Safer Roads Partnership decided to introduce the mobile speed camera.

Inspector Gareth Keyte said: 'The speed data collected in the area highlighted significant non-compliance with the speed limit; with 82% of all drivers exceeding the 30mph speed limit and 15% of vehicles travel at or above 41.7mph.'

With those statistics it's easy to see why residents were concerned. It's clear that the speed camera is needed but we wanted to know how effective it's been.

We contacted West Mercia police for any facts or figures they could share however they neglected to get back to us.

So we want to know what you think! Do you think this system works to prevent speeding? Do you think the speed camera should be permanent or not there at all? Leave a comment on this post or drop us a message via our Facebook page.