Funding awarded to Fur & Feathers Animal Sanctuary!

Fur and Feathers Animal Sanctuary on Houndsfield lane won second place in the LoveBrum non-profit funding competition.  

LoveBrum is a registered charity that supports projects across Birmingham and approached the sanctuary to apply. 

 “We made it to the final three that were showcased,” Director Lisa says, “and then [with] voting we were lucky to get second place.” 

Fur and Feathers won £1,000 from the LoveBrum competition and are currently in the process of re-vamping the sanctuary.  

“[The] funding has paid for two isolation pens and replaced an outdoor cattery that wasn’t up to new license rules. 

“We’re just in the process of kitting it out now and painting it ready for its first tenants.” 

Fur and Feathers was set up by Lisa 7 years ago after taking in lots of different rescue animals over the years.  

“We only rescue small animals these days, but we have resident rescue horses and pigs too,” says Lisa. 

The sanctuary is set up as a non-profit organisation, as it doesn’t make any private profit for staff that work there.  

“I work full time, and the other volunteers all work full time around the sanctuary.”   

The funding has ensured Fur and Feathers can continue to take in rescued animals.  

We're so happy that Lisa and her team received this money. The work they do with animals is invaluable! 

If you'd like more information about Fur and Feathers their website is linked here.