Who are the Guys Behind Hollywood Comedy Club?

Seán and Mat Taylor are they guys behind Hollywood Comedy Club, a comedy night running bi-monthly throughout the year. The night contains 9 to 10 comics ranging in style so the audience can experience all sorts. 

We sat down to speak to Seán and Mat in Bean 47 (where you can grab tickets for their upcoming show - 15th March at The Coppice) to get an insight to the behind the scenes of organising such an event. 

"Its just about giving local people a cheap night out," Seán says, laughing. 

"The format we do is not what you'd get at a regular NEC gig or a comedy club night. Typically you'd get your MC and then somebody on, then a break, then your middle acts and then a break, then your headliner. 

They tend to do three large sets where as we do typically 9 to 10 acts. Each doing about 10 minutes, so you can come along and you might not like all the comics but they only get to do 10 minutes."

It seems that they've really thought about different peoples interests when planning the format of their comedy nights, and the enthusiasm they have is very clear when discussing it. 

As perviously mentioned, they hold their shows bi-monthly. 

"The key thing about us not doing it every month is that people might turn round and say 'they’re might be another one next month' but by making it every two months it's almost like an occasion," Seán says. 

Mat, who also performs in the shows, is the one who gathers the comics together, "every show we give people a programme with a list of all the acts, the competitions they’ve won and who they are-" 

"Contact details" Seán adds.  

"Contact details," Mat agrees, nodding. 

"And how you can follow them on Facebook." Mat finishes. 

They take great care in making sure they have top comics. 

"A lot of the acts we know have all won various different awards," Mat explains. 

"Or been nominated at the very least," says Seán

"So the first one was 27thApril." Mat says as he shows us the Facebook group they’ve created. 

The group is there to to share updates about the shows and  information about the acts. 

They’ve done 5 shows so far. 

Their next show is a Comic Relief special on 15thMarch and is their last show in The Coppice. 

They will be moving to the bigger venue of the Royal British Legion for their May show. 

"The new venue will be better for us because the church hall has very high ceilings." Seán notes. 

"The acoustics aren't great" Mat adds. 

"The British Legion has a much, much lower roof. You're going to have people much closer to the stage, its going to feel like a more intimate gig in many ways. 

"I really am looking forward to that one" Seán says smiling. 

Rachel and myself mention to the guys that we hadn't really seen or heard anything about there comedy nights before we got in contact. 

Seán nods, clearly understanding where we're going with this. 

"We'd like to encourage more people your age and a little bit older in their mid-twenties to come a bit more frequently"

"We don’t seem to have as many youngsters in the village"

"But then it’s a Friday night" he says, making us all laugh. 

It's clear to see they both have a passion for comedy and bring new life to Wythall. 

"We've brought about 40 comics to this area, haven't we?" Seán asks, looking to Mat for conformation 

"Yeah we've brought loads, and the people that come they know who the comics are now and we get request." Mat says. 

The show is obviously something the people of Wythall enjoy and we hope they continue with their success. 

As mentioned earlier in the article, their next show is Friday 15th March and is a Comic Relief special. If you would like tickets you can purchase them online by clicking here, or pop in Bean 47 for a coffee and pick up some tickets. 

We'd like to thank Bean 47 for letting us hold our interview and thanks to Seán and Mat for the coffee and laughs!