Fire Hoax at Woodrush

At around 10:35am this morning the fire alarm was set off, automatically calling the fire service who sent two fire engines to the school.

It's alleged that the fire alarm was set off by a student.  [UPDATE: we now know the fire alarm was set off by a student however it was an accident.] 

All pupils in the school were evacuated to the designated fire assembly point whilst the teachers and fire service dealt with the situation. 

Madie Osborne, 15, a student at Woodrush spoke about the experience. 

"Everyone heard the fire alarm go off and thought 'oh great'. We made out way to the tennis courts and waited there to see what was going on."

"We thought it was a student that had set the alarm off, the teachers looked really worried but we couldn't see a fire anywhere."

"I must have been standing outside for about 20-25 minutes. I was freezing."

Needless to say setting off a fire alarm isn't funny and is a serious waste of time for both the fire service and the students. 


  1. Just to confirm for all this was not a 'prank' it was a genuine accident that was seen on cctv, students were outside for no more than 10 minutes.

    1. The students were evacuated at 10.35 and returned at 11.05, they were also informed that a student was responsible, although whether it was an accident or a prank was not known at the time

  2. This was not a prank it was actually my son who set the alarm because someone pushed into him and his bag hit the fire alarm and cracked it .Just to let you all know he was upset about this and went straight to the teacher to tell them what happened!!

    1. We have now had confirmation it was an accident and have updated the article accordingly.


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