Flooding in Wythall - How to help

Last year it's safe to say that a natural disaster occurred when the drains and waterways in our village couldn't cope with the sheer amount of rainfall.

With the recent weather and the upcoming forecast it's important to be aware of the places to go and where to get help should you be affected by flooding.

The National Flood Forum is a great place to start. The website is very informative with ways to help when preparing for a flood, during a flood and after a flood.

As well as a check list their website also includes information on putting together an emergency flood kit and has a downloadable leaflet, which we've attached here, with insurance advice and how to cope with the aftermath.

If you're worried about flooding you can sign up for flood updates here, alternatively call the floodline number at: 0345 988 1188, which is a 24 hour service.

In regards to flooding in the village, Adam Kent has been out checking the susceptible areas last night. These are his findings:

We hope that the water levels fall, and with the rain not due until tomorrow that seems likely. We will be using our Facebook page to post updates if the situation changes, you can find that here.