Wythall Walks - Circular Countryside Walk no.3 (again)

As promised we're back with another edition of our Wythall Walks series.

This is where myself and Rachel explore the different walking paths in Wythall so our readers can have a comprehensive list of all the different walking routes you can take in our village.

This morning we decided to try again with the Circular Countryside Walk no.3. You can read all about our last attempt here. This the third is a series of downloadable PDF booklets that are produced by the Countryside Carers. They can be downloaded off the Wythall Parish Council Website or you can get copies from the Parish Council Office. 

We decided to download the walking guide for walk number three (if you'd like to download the booklet, click herewhich takes you on a 4 mile walk through Wythall.

As we found out last time, you can't start this walk where the walking guide suggests and go through the fields as one of the pathways is overgrown. So we decided to walk via the pavement. 

We started outside the White Swan pub and continued down Alcester Road towards Beckett's island. 

Once you get to the end of Alcester Road, turn left onto Station Road, cross the road so you're on the opposite side to Meadow Green School. 

Continue on until you reach this field. Go through the gate and continue straight on. 

gate leading into field

Continue walking straight until you reach a stile, cross the stile and turn right, following the path. the path comes out onto Tanners Green lane. Once you've reached the end of the path turn left onto Tanners Green lane and continue walking straight until you see a bridleway on the right hand side. 

gate with public footpath sign

Go through the gate and once again continue on straight. It's worth mentioning that this part of the path was full of stingers and the floor was extremely muddy, so be cautious and wear wellies to protect your legs. 

Carry straight on until you come out on Barkers Lane, turn left onto the lane and continue straight, veering right onto Tanners Green Lane when you see houses. 

At this part of the walk the route says to continue on and follow the public footpath into Fulford Heath Golf Club, however we started this but decided to turn back as the sign posts aren't very clear and could cause more confusion than necessary. 

We carried on straight past Fulford and followed the road ahead until we came out between Earlswood Nurseries and Earlswood train station. Next turn left at the end of the road onto Rumbush Lane and follow the road ahead until you see this public footpath sign on the right hand side. 

public footpath sign by road

Go through the stile to to the left of the sign and follow the footpath straight ahead and you'll come out in this field. 

Continue through the field along the footpath until you come to this gate, go through the gate and continue through the nature reserve following the path you're on. 

If you're following the correct path you should reach this bridge. Go across it and continue on the path which will lead you out of the nature reserve and onto Wood Lane.

wooden bridge
Turn right onto Wood Lane and continue straight until you get to the end of the road, turn left onto Norton Lane. Be careful on this road as there isn't a footpath until about half way down. 

Continue all the way down Norton Lane until you get to Wythall Station, then turn right onto Lea Green Lane. Cross the road to the side of the Select and Save and continue forward until you get to Three Oaks Road. 

Turn into Three Oaks Road and follow the road ahead until you see a gate on the right hand side. Go through the gate, this will lead to Harmony Wood (to read our piece on Harmony Wood, click here). 

path surrounded by trees
Follow the path and you'l come out on Houndsfield Lane. From here continue on straight and you're back at the White Swan Pub. 

Let us know if you've walked there and what you thought. Also if you have any requests for places for us to investigate let us know in the comments below!