Will Wythall be able to Accommodate 200 New Homes?

In recent years, new houses have been popping up all over Wythall. 

Miller Homes are now building a fourth new housing development in Tidbury Green, Solihull called Regency Fields. 

The estate will be located on the border between Tidbury Green and Wythall and will be built on the field behind Lowbrook Lane.  

Wythall won’t be able to accommodate for this.” Kate Metcalf village resident said.  

Kate Metcalf, 20, who lives opposite the new development said she thinks wider facilities should be put in place: “I think building new houses can be good as long as you don’t just leave it as that. You need to do something about the growing population.  

“When Dickens Heath was built, Norton Lane might as well be a dual carriageway, more people use this road as a cut through to the motorway.   

“I think we can accommodate for new residents if the services change. There needs to be more busses and they need to run more frequently.   

“More people equals more commutes.” 

This is the latest in a long line of housing estates to be built in the area in recent years and the growing population has had an effect on public services.   

“Sometimes at the doctors on Station Road, I can wait up to two weeks for an appointment, this will only get worse with new housing, especially if it’s elderly people who move in as they’re more prone to sickness.  

“By building the new housing developments, changes surrounding them need to be made.” 

In response, Nicola Colley, senior land manager for Miller Homes Midlands said: "Our Regency Fields development is set to bring a selection of 200, new high-quality, two, three, four and five-bedroom homes to the area. 

"Miller Homes has a proven track record for creating new communities that go much further than just bricks and mortar and in addition to providing much needed family homes, both private and affordable, in the area, the development will also provide wider social and economic benefits. 

"These include job creation and contributions of over £600,000 towards creating highways and the planned provision of a pedestrian crossing at Fulford Hall Road, a new CCTV and cycle storage at Whythall Railway Station and a contribution towards bus improvements on Lowbrook Lane along with on-site amenity greenspace maintenance."

The building work is currently underway. 

What do you think? Do you think the facilities like doctors and public transport need updating to cope with new residents? Leave a comment below!