Wythall Walks - North Worcestershire Path no.2

As promised we're back with another edition of our Wythall Walks series.

This is where myself and Rachel explore the different walking paths in Wythall so our readers can have a comprehensive list of all the different walking routes you can take in our village.

This morning we decided to explore the North Worcestershire Path. We have previously explored this path, you can read about that here.

We got our inspiration from the Five local circular walk booklets (produced by the Countryside Carers). They can be downloaded off the Wythall Parish Council Website or you can get copies from the Parish Council Office. 

We decided to download the walking guide for walk number four (if you'd like to download the booklet, click herewhich takes you on a 6 mile walk through North Worcestershire. 

Instead of walking all the route we modified it for people who might not want such a long walk. 

We started at the top of May Lane and made our way down the hill and back up the hill to Alcester Road. We crossed over onto Packhorse Lane. 

Continue on until you see this sign on the opposite side of the road to the footpath. 

Cross over and walk down the footpath, you'll go through a gate and see a public footpath sign. Follow the arrows on the sign. 

Even though it's technically summer, the path was very muddy so I'd suggest wearing boots or wellies. Follow the path until you come out in a field with a brook running through it. 

Continue on forward until you get to the bridge, cross it and walking straight ahead until you come to a gate at the top of the field. 

Once you're through the gate turn right and head into Wythall Park. You'll then meet another gate, go through it and follow the path as it bares to the right. 

Continue on the path until you see this green hut:

Turn right onto the path by the green hut and continue walking down that footpath until you come out of the park and onto Batemans Lane. 

Turn left onto Batemans Lane, and continue onwards until you come out on Silver Street then turn left onto Silver Street. 

Walk down Silver Street until you reach Wilmore lane, turn right onto Wilmore Lane and follow the lane round as it bends to the left.

Wilmore Lane continues right over the By-pass road bridge but you continue forward down Brick Kiln Lane to the junction with Alcester Road. 

Cross over here and walk a few Yards to the left, along the pavement to a stile. Hop over the stile and you're now walking along the North Worcestershire Path. 

Something to note is that the field is incredibly bumpy, if you're not watching your footing there's a high chance you'll fall over. Also, there are usually horses in the fields but as long as you give them enough room and don't startle them, they're quite happy to leave you be. 

If you're going through this field I'd advise boots or wellies as even though the ground was fairly dry today, our boots did get muddy. 

Continue straight on across two more stiles then bare right into what looks like a woodland where there's another stile. 

It's worth noting if you're not sure what direction to walk in follow the arrows on the stiles, the direction they point in is where the next stile is. 

We then walked in a straight line adjacent to a strip of barbed wire with a 'private property' sign on. At the end of this wire there's another stile. 

This is where it kind of gets confusing.

When you hop over the stile into the next field, it's not really clear which direction you should be going in. 

The picture above shows the field. You need to bare right and stay on the left hand side of the field as the next stile is tucked in the left hand corner of the field. 

Continue forward until you get to this privately owned paddock. The stile is tucked away to the left of the paddock.

If you walk along the edge of the paddock you'll see the sign above which points you in the right direction to the stile. 

Once you've found the stile hop open and you're in a field which right now is full of hay bales. If you walk diagonally across the field you'll find yourself at the entrance to Harmony Wood.

Once out of the field you come on to Houndsfield Lane,  turned right and continue on until you meet the cross roads with Hollywood lane. 

Turned right onto Hollywood Lane and walk up the hill until and turn right onto Shawhurst Lane. Continue onwards until you're back at the top of May Lane and you've completed your walk!