Irresponsible Parking: How far is too far?

Parking at school times is a nightmare all over Britain.

With the rush to get kids to school, parents seem to loose all common sense and park whenever their car will fit.

During the six weeks holidays, residents of Hollywood have had a much needed break from the
school traffic.

But it's only taken two weeks for parents to pick up old habits.

This morning a resident of Coppice Gardens contacted us with a video of the irresponsible parking taking place down their grove.

Parents have always parked at the top of the grove. And residents have come to accept that it will continue.

However, this morning a white Audi, noticing that the top of the grave was full, parked outside a residents house, halfway on their front lawn.

A resident, who wishes to be nameless said: “it’s understandable that parents need to park their cars, but park sensibly.

"What was the need to drive across my neighbours front lawn?

"If there isn't any room to park then you can't park here. It's just common sense.''

We know this type of irresponsible parking has been going on for a while.

It seems that driveways, front gardens and zebra crossings are all viable parking spaces when you’re taking your kids to school.

We want to hear your stories!

If you’ve had someone park on your driveway, obstruct your home or park on your lawn leave a comment below.