Paws for Tombola - How a 9-year-old Organised a Fundraiser for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

"She's [Eva] just an ordinary 9-year-old who would like a dog herself," say's Evas grandmother, Jackie. 

Jackie got in contact with us this week to tell us about her extraordinary granddaughter. 

Eva, who attends The Coppice Primary School, has organised a small fundraiser for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.  

It all started when a hearing dog called Grace came to the Hollywood WI.

"Eva saw my pennies for puppies jar, asked about it and said straight away she’d bring her pocket money. 

"She quickly decided a Tombola would be better."

Her family agreed a Tombola would be great, but initially thought it would just be family and friends.

"Her idea of doing a Tombola stall was fine but when we realised she wasn’t going to be satisfied with doing it at home for family and friends we were a bit stumped," said Jackie. 

Luckily, with a helping hand from our community, Eva was able to set up the fundraiser she had in mind. 

"Kingswood Meeting House, with whom none of us have any significant relationship, have been outstandingly supportive."

Kingswood have given Eva a space in which to run her tombola and are providing refreshments for guests.
"They are letting her do her tombola ‘Paws for Tombola’ on 29th October, [and] are doing the coffee and cakes."

As well as organising the event, Eva has gone above and beyond!

"Eva has bought some of the prizes from her pocket money, has an increasingly large box of stuff in her bedroom and is very excited."

The event is running from 10am til noon and everyone is welcome to come along and raise money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People  and support Eva.

We hope that Eva's Paws for Tombola is a success and congratulate her on being such a kind, caring and bright young girl.