Egg Throwing in Wythall, Has the World Gone Cuckoo?

A young child in a white BMW has been seen throwing eggs at vehicles and horses in Wythall over the past few days.

Residents have taken to Facebook groups to complain about the incident.

One resident explained that she was horse riding when she was pelted with eggs, saying: "I hope the lady driving the white BMW this afternoon down Houndsfield Lane realises how dangerous it was to allow her little girl to throw eggs at me and my young horse as they drove past. 

It made him shy but luckily we didn’t hit anything. 

I’m disgusted, most drivers are courteous and children enjoy seeing the horses."

There have been reports of the incident happening on Houndsfield Lane, Shawhurst Lane and Alcester Road at the junction by Tesco Express. 

So far no residents have been able to confirm a full number plate, but if you do experience or see a similar incident happening please report it to 101 to ensure the people responsible are caught. 

We hope that whoever is carrying out these assaults are stopped soon before it causes a serious accident, and those who have been assaulted are okay.