Coronavirus Update #2

Yesterday Boris Johnson update the measures the U.K is taking to protect us from Covid-19.

All people over 70, those with type 1 diabetes, people who have the flu vaccine and anyone with a pre-existing health condition are the stay indoors.

With a large elderly community in Wythall this will impact our residents in a big way.

Therefore we have decided at Wythall News that we will help arrange to get shopping and essential items for those affected.

If anyone needs any help they can contact us on our social media, twitter, instagram and facebook, or email us by clicking here.

If anyone needs any more information, we have left links to a lot of useful resources below.

We also want to say that if anyone who is self-isolating feels lonely or would like a chat, you can always message us on our social media.

We hope that everyone stays safe in this trying time.

NHS Website 

Public Health England 

Foreign Office 

Department of Health and Social Care

Department of Education 

Department of Work & Pensions