Coronavirus Update

Yesterday the Prime Minster held a press conference telling citizens the measures the government are putting in place to stop the spread of Coronavirus. 

The United Kingdom has now moved from "containing" the virus to "delaying it"

If you have COVID-19 type symptoms, it's recommended to self isolate for 7 days. 

Schools are not to be closed as of yet, but people have criticised the governments advice.  Ex-health secretary Jeremy Hunt called for more stringent measures.

He told  BBC Newsnight the decision to hold off cancelling large gatherings was "surprising and concerning" when we have "four weeks before we get to the stage that Italy is at".

Professional football leagues in England and Scotland, have been suspended until at least 3rd April. 

The Foreign Office has advised against all but essential travel to some areas of Spain, including Madrid. 

There have been 596 confirmed cases across the UK, but health officials have said they believe the actual number of people infected could be between 5,000 and 10,000.
Vulnerable patients in the Queen Elizabeth hospital that can be discharged are being sent home to protect themselves from the virus. 
The St Patricks day parade in Birmingham has also been postponed. 

Ms Rancins has today sent an email to parents of students at Woodrush:
"As of Thursday 12th March, the Government has provided us with the following advice:

  • Schools should remain open, unless specifically told otherwise.
  • Anyone with the following symptoms: a new continuous cough or a high temperature should not attend school and stay at home for at least 7 days.
  • The Government has advised against International school trips.

"As you would expect for such a dynamic and unprecedented situation, we are continually monitoring and following the guidance for educational settings. For further information on the advice given to schools please follow the link below.
"In response to the Government advice against international school trips we are now contacting our visit providers for further guidance. Parents of those children due to go out on an international trip should expect to receive further information in due course. 
"Whilst we are following the guidance through this current phase, please be reassured that we have plans in place for different scenarios should they happen, up to and including a forced school closure. As and when the situation changes, we will update you further. 

"Thank you for your continued support."
But this is not a time for panic, if you wash your hands when you return home, before you eat and use tissues when you cough or sneeze you should remain protected. 

Visit the NHS website, linked here, for anymore information about how to keep yourself safe and check the Foreign Office for travel updates, linked here