Hollywood Comedy Club

As mentioned in our article last week, Hollywood Comedy Club are holding a show on 15th March for comic relief. 

Their event page states, "Please come along and support our last ever comedy night in the Coppice School Hall, or one day somebody will say to you, "Remember the last show they did in the Coppice School Hall?" and you will have to say, "No, I didn't go to that one. I don't really know why. I really wish I had." It'll be a bit like the time I decided at the last minute not to go and see Nirvana at the Hummingbird... I wouldn't want that to happen to you.

And besides, you'd miss Se├ín Taylor, who will be introducing
Eric Rushton (remember Eric, who was the first act at our first show? This is him), 
Craig Dixon (returning to Hollywood),
Mat Taylor (that's me),
Chris Too (back with more songs!),
Matt Gupwell (New to Hollywood!),
Joshua Jackson (New to Hollywood, Josh is making a rare appearance - he's not even on Facebook!), Doddy Dodd (New to Hollywood!),
Damon Conlan (after the success of his Leicester Comedy show, we're pleased Damon is still prepared to perform for us)
and Dave Dinsdale (Holly Bush legend, and one of our favourite acts!)
This is going to be a special comedy night that will hopefully raise some money for Comic Relief.
Tickets are still £5 and are available from Bean 47, or from the Eventbrite website

Drinks will still be cheap! "

Check out our last article to find more about Hollywood Comedy Club and the guys behind it!