Development on Lea Green Lane: What is it and How to Stop it

Yesterday a resident of Lea Green Lane made us at Wythall News aware of the proposed development of 13 dwellings on the site of 2 dormer bungalows.

Just last week we published an article about the 200 house development currently being built on the field behind Lowbrook Lane, you can read that article here, talking about how Wythall cannot cope with the expanding population.

Wythall is a proud semi-rural area and these back garden developments take away precious green space. 

So it's not surprising that the residents of Lea Green Lane are doing their upmost to stop this development going forward. 

They've set up the website,, where you can find all the information about what the development entails and how to object.

The land in Wythall is clearly a hotspot at the moment, as residents on Station Road have been approached to sell off a portion of their gardens for a development.

Although the developer pulled out due to not enough residents agreeing, it's still worrying that Wythall is being targeted for this type of back garden development.

If you would like to object, click here to visit their website and lodge an objection to stop this development.