Lea Green Lane Development: What the Residents Say

Earlier this week, we published an article with information on the proposed development on Lea Green Lane. You can read that article here

Today we want to hear from the residents of Lea Green Lane, to understand how severely this development will impact their lives and homes.

Bryn Griffiths is 87 years old and has lived in the village for 35 years. 

He lives right next door to one of the bungalows being knocked down and has huge concerns with how this proposal will affect the drainage in his garden: "since the land drain was cut out whilst building the development at the bottom of our garden and replaced by a French drain around the boundaries, the flooding of my garden has increased. 

"Despite 3 visits from Talylor Wimpey engineers who attempted to improve the drainage, this proved to be futile and I have to use a pump to pump out the water after any wet spell. 

"With the proposed development, especially the underground car park, water that currently soaks away into the lawned gardens of the current properties will cause a large increase in the water running into our garden, which is already liable for flooding."

There is also an issue with the placement of the apartment blocks: "what a wonderful 65th wedding anniversary present we had yesterday. 

"I discovered that the bin store for the totally unnecessary and overbearing apartment block proposed for directly next door to my property will be a mere 4 feet from my dining room window."

Bryn finishes with: "at 87 years of age, having lived peacefully in this village for 35 years, the worry of this proposed development directly next door to my home is causing me a huge amount of stress."

Gareth Gadd, a resident of Lea Green Lane is also concerned about the drainage around the site: "the site is already difficult to drain effectively and is likely to cause flooding on the Selsdon Close development. 

"The gardens in both of these properties regularly flood and are sodden most of the year, even though a small brook beyond the boundary is supposed to offer some relief.

"It is well known in the area, that the builders involved in the Selsdon Close development directly to the rear of this site have had to carry out significant remedial works in order to prevent flooding. 

"Compaction caused by development would only add to flooding problems in the area."

There is also a problem with visitor parking: "there is no allowance for any visitor car parking which would result in cars parking on the road side, which would cause significant hazard to pedestrians, cyclists and traffic alike and for this reason, local residents do not park on the road." 

It's very clear how the residents feel about this development and the impact it will have on their houses, and Selsdon close. 

If you'd like to object to this development, click here. It will take you to the residents website full of information with how to ledge an objection.