Wythall in Summer #4

 It's time for our weekly round up of submissions for our Seasons of Wythall item. Summer is going quickly, only a few weeks left,  we hope you've all been enjoying the summer!

If you don't know, Wythall in Summer is a section of the website where readers submit the photographs they've taken to be shared. 

The year is speeding on by and we've had some fantastic submissions this week and look forward to seeing what photographs people take next week.

sunset over fence

Christine Thronicker sent in this wonderful photograph of a sunset. 

sign post

Helen Cleaver sent in this great photograph of the Wythall sign, those flowers look beautiful!



church yard

Peter Flower sent in these beautiful photographs of the sunflowers at Becketts Farm, a sunset and and the churchyard a Kingswood Meeting House. 


purple flowers


Becky James sent in these gorgeous pictures of flowers and the sunset. 

As always, thank you to everyone who sent photographs in, we love receiving them!

If you would like your photographs to be featured on Wythall News, either contact us on our Facebook page - 
Wythall News - or through the channels linked on the Contact Us section of the website.