Is Crime Rising in Wythall?

As I'm sure many fo you know, in the early hours of Tuesday morning a stabbing and a road traffic incident took place.

You can read what happened here.

But with crime on the rise in Wythall, it begs the question are we more vulnerable without a police station?

Up and down the country small police stations have been closed due to shortage of police forcing villages like ours to go without the vital 24/7 policing.

Our local police department is in Redditch which is not local at all.

Wythall is expanding, 200 new houses being built on the field behind Lowbrook lane (you can read about that here) and a proposed development on Lea Green Lane (click the link here to read).

Without vital public services like policing, Wythall will become a strain on Redditch police, which will in turn affect the other areas they serve.

With no police presence people can start to feel unsafe.

We want to know what you think. We know we have a fantastic neighbourhood watch team and a regular PCSO that walks the village but is that enough to prevent incidents like this?

We'd like to give a big thank you to the emergency services who were quick to respond Tuesday morning.


  1. Drug use is a regular problem police are never in the area/don't care about


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