Lea Green Lane Development: Updates

A couple of weeks ago we published articles talking about the proposed development on Lea Green Lane, you can read those here and here.

Since then, the parish council have had a meeting to discussing the development and for the residents to lodge any complaints.

Usually the council closes for August but they held the meeting so the residents in the community could raise their concerns and objections to the proposal.

The 'Stop Development of Lea Green Lane' website (which can be found here) said: "following the meeting, the parish council agreed to fully support our objections and formally lodge their own objection to the Bromsgrove & Redditch planning committee."

Monday 5th August was the deadline for the objections as stated on the Bromsgrove District Council website, however it says on the site notice on Lea Green lane that the date is 12th August.

We're not sure what the official date is but if you haven't objected and would like to you've got until 12th August to do so.

If you visit The 'Stop Development of Lea Green Lane' website (which can be found here) you can find a load of resources with different ways to object.

We hope that this development is stopped and the residents of Lea Green Lane can continue to be undisturbed.